Limited Edition

A range of superior quality, limited edition prints is now available.

The original watercolour painting is transformed into a Giclée limited  edition print. Less than 200 copies of each print will be produced and each  print will be individually signed and numbered by Gordon Wilkinson. Each  print will be presented double-mounted in ivory over maple green, to  complement the subject to best effect.

So what is a  Giclée print?

Advances in  technology have combined the power of computers with new printing  techniques, to allow extremely fine droplets of ink to be spurted onto a  variety of watercolour papers or artists canvas.

The result is a  piece of high quality printed artwork that shows a striking resemblance to  the original watercolour painting and which provides a beautiful richness of colour in the final print.

Each  print will cost £55.00 + £6.50 P&P

A  set of 4 prints is available for the special price of £200.00 + £10.00 P&P

To  order your print, please contact us for availability details.

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